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Release of FW OB
We now know when the Open Beta is being released! Although it is not precisely on a date, we can expect to be playing FW in early 2011 within the first 3 months. This is only the target release date and FW may be released even later. This was sourced from an interview with Andrew Brown the PR (product manager) for PWE.
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Game News


G'day and welcome to Infamous,
ill keep this as short as possible
I'm SouthernUnit (you can call me SU, also my FW forums name is Polomoto) and this is the most Infamous PvP Guild produced for FW.  we are based around growing and becoming a massive force that will succeed in Forsaken World. We will accept any players as long as its apparent you are active and are leveling at a steady rate. We don't run off a massive book of rules, we keep it simple here. Basically just be active, don't go stealing from members, if your ready for a war why not join in and finally level up fast to keep out of the lvl cap that will take place after Infamous is more established. note: We are currently in an alliance with Executors and IlluminatiUnder no circumstances will we merge with a guild. I am ready to buy a heap of IGC (in game currency) so our guild will be ready for action and have the capacity to kick ass, also we will uphold a reputation of all our members being powerful and that we are a refined group of elites. Come and join us and apply through the link on the toolbar near the top of the screen. Cheers everyone have a good time, SouthernUnit

Guild Moto: "slaughter anyone who stands in the way, destroy them iff they think they stand a chance,
we are corupt, we are ruthless, we are the Infamous

*Site is still being updated everyday, but i will confirm the sites foundation is finished 

*i recommend seeing the media page

*thanks to Sonofdeath, here is a great link to Skill Tree's for each class

E3 trailer of Races:

E3 gameplay vid:

Guild News

HQ is finished

SouthernUnit, Aug 19, 10 2:26 AM.
our site is now complete, i will continue to update and admin the site everyday.

New Alliance Confirmed

SouthernUnit, Aug 11, 10 1:59 AM.
We have joined forces with Illuminati thanks to the GL DeathBender
all members please refrain from killing allys and feel free to make squads or teams they are more than welcome.
Illuminati are a spanish speaking guild, dont let that put you off, the GL speaks better english than me and is riding on the power of 20 different spanish speaking countries, so they are also very well founded.
Play nice with our new found brothers.

2nd in command

SouthernUnit, Aug 11, 10 1:52 AM.
As of now ShadowStorm88 (aka ShadowStorm or ZeroZen) will be helping me run DownUnder.
When we launch into the open beta we will most probably be hosting Shadow as the 2nd in command.
This position is not given so that people can overpower others, it is given only for guidance and advice remembering that this guild's members can do pretty much whatever they like and a heirachy we will not dominate.
A big welcome to Shadow and congratulations mate
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Accepting ALL players,
Be active, lvl fast to avoid the cap
If ur not a mature age,
Try and act like you are!
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